The Vision

The Reserve at Mansfield will be the principal center for economic activity in the community and region. Uses within the area will include a mix of medical, corporate headquarters, commercial service and others, with limited manufacturing and warehousing. Private, public and institutional buildings will be a mix of owner-occupied, build-to-suit, and speculative multi-tenant.

Facilities will be located within districts and on campuses with supporting commercial space. Commercial products will include a mix of village centers, specialty, town squares, neighborhood and region serving formats located along and within major arterials, mixed-use centers, and employment and neighborhood enclaves.

The transportation network serving the area will connect to the region and support internal neighborhoods, shopping and activity districts. Infrastructure will be financed through shared funding mechanisms, proactively phased and strategically located to leverage private investment.

Green treatments will enhance and amenitize employment, commercial, neighborhood areas and streets and will include pocket parks, linear parks, and boulevards. Design standards will be more progressive than other areas of the community, controlled by distinct district guidelines.

Community marketing and promotion efforts will be aggressive and proactive, targeting users which advance economic sustainability.